People in glass houses…

It’s amazing to me how people can avoid seeing someone who is down on their luck, especially when it comes to bad health, and think oh that’ll never happen to me. No one who has bad health chose that life for themselves. I know some want to blame people who are smoke or drink or overuse drugs or overeat, but they are failing to consider the genetic predisposition for addictive behaviors and/or the depression or other mental illness that often coincides with such behaviors. They fail to consider that alcohol and drugs are not always the culprit for bad livers and kidneys. They fail to consider that overeating alone is usually not the culprit for being overweight. They fail to consider that you cannot scold someone into better health; even should yelling at someone get them to follow your rules, they still need the tools to do it. Taking away care for pre-existing conditions is like yelling at a baby and placing clean diapers and bottles on the other side of the room and expecting the baby to care for themselves or scream until someone with more sense hears them and comes to help them. It is taking away the doctor’s ability to take care of what are most likely a patient’s most pressing needs. I had private insurance once that didn’t cover pre-existing conditions, and I learned very quickly to never speak a sole word about my back pain. Once because the doctor happened to mention my back in a summary about my visit to get antibiotics for a sinus infection, my visit was not covered. My situation was relatively unimportant; what happens when patients who have high blood pressure fail to report recent chest pains or recently swollen feet in their routine physicals and then land in ERs with heart attacks or heart failure? How are doctors supposed to do their jobs when insurance ties everyone’s hands? What happens when someone with diabetes has an appendectomy and has trouble regulating their blood sugar after surgery? Will insurance try to not cover the hospital stay because it was prolonged due to their diabetes? Where does it end? Where is the line? Why should there be a line? Why can’t we all just come to our senses and take care of those who need our help? Pick up the crying baby, America.


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